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Anders Ellerstrand: HindSight 33 – Digitalisation and Human Performance

EUROCONTROL is a pan-European, civil-military organisation with 41 member states, dedicated to supporting European aviation. Among a range of activities within the organisation is the production of a magazine called HindSight. It is a magazine on human and organisational performance in air traffic management (ATM) and its aim is to improve performance at individual, group and organisational levels.

The traditional focus of HindSight is on operational safety, but the scope has expanded to consider performance more generally, with a particular focus on improving everyday work and performance as a whole. The latest edition of HindSight became available only a few days ago and its theme is Digitalisation and Human Performance.

HindSight 33, with its 80 pages, includes a wide variety of articles from front-line staff and specialists in technology, change, safety, human factors, and human and organisational performance in aviation.

Among the highlights are:
• The many meanings of AI, by Erik Hollnagel – link
• Flight deck human factors and digitalisation: Possibilities and dilemmas, a conversation with FAA’s Kathy Abbott, by Steven Shorrock. – link
• Building adaptive capacity: Amplifying the combined strenghts of humans and machines, by Rogier Woltjer and Tom Laursen – link
• A regulator’s perspective on digitalisation and human performance, by Kathryn Jones and Anna Vereker – link

And of course, there is so much more worth reading in this issue. Here is a link to the full magazine: link

And finally, I managed to make my own contribution even to this edition. It is called “Digitalisation vs human flexibility” and you can find it here: link

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