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Summer Holiday on the Blog of Lund University School of Aviation

That is it. Lund University School of Aviation will go on summer holiday and return a few days into September (just after a Human Factors course will have been delivered to the great students on our current Bacehlor program).

To see faithful readers through two months of no new posts, here is a recap of those that has gained a lot of attention so far in 2021.

When it comes to posts in English the two recent ones on unruly passengers (link and link) have been read by many, and so was the one about a brave new future for aviation after COVID (link). Hopefully there will be many more posts in English to come as we proceed with publishing more in this language given the response from readers.

As for posts in Swedish, the prolific writer Anders Ellerstrand has produced many that got a lot of attention, with these being some of them:
Anders Ellerstrand: Eurocontrol sammanfattar 2020 och tittar fram emot 2021
Anders Ellerstrand: Människan i framtidens flygsystem – Del 1 (hela serien hade många läsare!)

I hope all of you get a great summer. See you all in September!

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