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The Holiday Season is here!

That is it – the blog page and portal for Lund University School of Aviation is closing for the holiday season. While 2021 brought the turnaround for the aviation industry we all hoped for, it was still a very difficult year for many. This is sadly emphasised by the current issues with the new variant and the return of industry uncertainty that has come with it. Still, the year behind represented recovery and next year looks to be promising of more.

The somewhat early holiday is prompted by workload as well as by the due date of a very special gift before the holiday for the editor of this blog, which may affect the timing of when it returns early next year. The year behind us had many posts that received a fair amount of attention, but the biggest change was the shift from being a blog in Swedish to a greater focus on posts in English.

A few highlights of the year which are worth mentioning are Anders Ellerstrand’s series on procedures (link to first part here), Simon Ericsson’s extensive industry reports and our first post on cargo security by guest writer Gary Martin (link).

Among other reader and personal favourites were the posts about unruly passengers (link and link), about “Zombie airlines” (link), Planes vs. Trains (link), about Mitsubishi Spacejet (link) and about flying in Africa (link).

Thank you to all readers and commenters, as well as to those who comment and share on other platforms where the posts are shared. We do hope for more posts, comments and discussions, and certainly for more guest writers for next year. If you are interested in expressing your reflections on a small ut credible platform, we will welcome your post and help with getting it out to the industry.

To add to the feelings of the season, here is a list of top ten aircraft in Christmas livery – link.

Again, best wishes for the Holiday Season and for the new year for all of you out there. See you in 2022!